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Full Spectrum Science

Unlike other hemp oils that draw upon only isolated portions of the hemp plant, UltraCell is derived using full spectrum hemp oil extract, known as cannabidiol, or CBD. While CBD has known health benefits, the reality is that other CBD-isolate products cannot benefit the body like our phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum hemp oil. UltraCell contains over 400 biologically active compounds, including CBD and an entourage of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. By utilizing all aspects of the hemp plant in its natural state, UltraCell creates an environment where the natural compounds work together to create a synergistic effect. When it comes to UltraCell, the true sum of the whole is greater than the parts. UltraCell makes the power of the hemp plant fully available, the way that nature intended.



UltraCell technology uses two delivery systems, liposomes and micelles, that work together to maximize the benefits of UltraCell full spectrum hemp oil. Liposomes control the time-released benefits while micelles aim for rapid onset.

Known as the “entourage effect,” this delivery system allows you to benefit from more than 400 naturally occurring compounds in our full spectrum UltraCell— and it is only available from Zilis.

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Available exclusively from Zilis, UltraCell


"Available exclusively from Zilis, UltraCell is a full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich, and water soluble hemp oil. Our team of experts delicately extracts the complete oil profile of certified USDA organic hemp to make every bottle of UltraCell. Every delightful serving provides phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, naturally-occuring vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids, and more. UltraCell comes in two delicious flavors to please the palate: berry or lemon. 

To understand how UltraCell® works, you first must know that within the body there exists a complex network of receptors called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Studies have shown the ECS is most abundant in the brain and immune system and is responsible for important functions such as sleep, relaxation, inflammatory responses, and cognitive ability. According to PubMed, endocannabinoids, of which there are hundreds, are a class of diverse chemical compounds that act upon brain cell receptors altering neurotransmitter release.

The ECS is normally fueled by the healthy production of endocannabinoids. However, when deficient, there can be a major impact on how we feel. The challenge arises when production becomes impaired or slowed. Thankfully, nature has provided us with a gift called hemp which Zilis has crafted into UltraCell using the naturally produced phytocannabinoids found in hemp."

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UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical

Zilis UltraCell Full Spectrum CBD Topical 
100% Legal Virginia

UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical combines our trademarked, full spectrum CBD hemp oil with a proprietary blend of essential oils to help soothe and relax away aches and pains. Organic aloe gives our Topical a luxurious feel and leaves your skin feeling silky. The balance of essential oils, including black pepper, chamomile, and peppermint with UltraCell CBD hemp oil helps create harmony to ease your mind and body. The Mimetix™ Formula Typically, the conversation about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) revolves around phytocannabinoids alone. Mimetix takes ECS health to a whole new level. Mimetix is our full spectrum complex that includes: phytocannabinoids, terpenes, betacaryophyllene, alkamides, and cannabimimetics. Cannabimimetics are defined as compounds that have the same pharmacological impact on the ECS as the hemp plant. When combined in a full spectrum, water-soluble format the results are extraordinary.

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This great video will explain the science & how CBD Works

Check out this great video by Thomas DeLauer :  

What is CBD? The Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil by Thomas DeLauer


The Federal Farm bill allows hemp-derived products to contain as much as 0.3% THC per dry weight. All batches of UltraCell are independently tested and verified at the time of bottling to contain less than 0.0% THC. Since UltraCell is derived from hemp, one should always assume there are trace amounts of THC in the product. 


Are Zilis CBD Hemp Oil Products Legal?

YES!  Zilis UltraCell is industrial Hemp CBD oil - US Farm Bill Compliant (Section 7606), and is not a controlled substance. It is Legal in all 50 states. 

Including Virginia!

December 14th, 2018

WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- The U.S. Senate recently passed a compromise farm bill package that includes measures supported by Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner on the legalization of hemp.

The bill removes hemp, a plant that is related to marijuana but contains only minimal amounts of any psychoactive chemicals, from the federal list of controlled substances.

This will allow farmers in Virginia to grow and sell the plant as an agricultural commodity.

Hemp farmers will also be eligible to collect crop insurance under this provision.

“This bill actually opens hemp up for production,” said Kaine. “And that will have a whole variety of benefits for Virginia farmers. It's a perennial crop, so that people can use it to make their farms more economically viable, and help has so many uses in things, like production of clothes, and fibers and rope and all kinds of production.”

Warner calls hemp a great addition to Virginia's agricultural industry.

“This bill finally removes the prohibitions from the grow and utilizations of industrial hemp,” he said. “Industrial hemp is very different than marijuana.”

Note:  Zilis UltraCell,  sources their hemp oil from certified USDA organic production operations in Colorado. 



Yes. UltraCell is safe for pets as it does not contain harmful ingredients such as xylitol.

Please see the pet dosage chart published in the Ambassador Cloud or ask me and I'll be happy to share it with you. 

UltraCell is Safe for animals and a trusted name within the veterinary community

UltraCell is Safe for animals and a trusted name within the veterinary community

Virginia Hemp & CBD News

  • Find out what's going on in Virginia regarding industrial hemp, CBD products agricultural operations and legalities. 


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